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You’re in control of your site!

Maybe you’ve heard the ads on the radio for a “free website” from a big corporation. If you listen closely to their ads, they’ll admit that they essentially own your website – if you stop paying their hosting fees (whatever they choose to charge for hosting into the future) you lose your site. If their web hosting service ever becomes slow or exorbitantly expensive, you’re stuck. To say that we don’t recommend that is an understatement!

With Foster Web Services, you pay a very reasonable fee for website development, and we’ll offer to host it for you for an additional monthly fee. But, once you pay the web development fee, the site is yours – you own the copyright, the content – everything. You are always welcome to pick up your site and move it to the hosting company of your choice.

With many web development firms, the customer doesn’t really have control of their domain name – the web development firm or hosting company keeps control. We only do that if the customer specifically requests it, and the customer always has a copy of the login for control of the domain name. This is incredibly important – you need to be able to change hosting companies. Otherwise, if something happened to your web design firm / hosting company, your site would be stuck in limbo.

We received a call from a local business owner who had two or three websites with a firm that developed and hosted the site for years (at what he felt was an exorbitant fee), then demanded a very high fee to make minor changes to the site. When he threatened to leave, they told him that the website design was proprietary – they owned the design, so he couldn’t change. He was stuck – especially since he didn’t have an administrative login for his WordPress sites.

Don’t let this happen to you! With Foster Web Services, you control the domain name, and you’re welcome to switch to another hosting company at any time. If you need an administrative password to make the change, we will provide one immediately with no hassle. Over the years, very few people have switched from our hosting to another company, because we offer good value and friendly service.

Why our clients like us

First, potential clients are drawn to us by the appealing “look” of our sites and by the word-of-mouth testimonials and recommendations of our existing clients. This is a small town, and if someone is providing poor service or is ripping people off, word spreads quickly.

Second, our clients appreciate the way that we try to keep the development costs as low as possible. We know that every dollar that you spend must provide a benefit to your business or organization, and we strive to deliver the highest quality for a reasonable price. We don’t spend money on things that don’t have the potential to make better websites for our customers.

Third, our clients like the way they’re treated when they call us. No hassles, just good old-fashioned friendly, courteous help.

But what pleases our customers the most is our ability to write compelling content for their site. Our main focus is always your potential customers. We try to look at the site through the eyes of your prospective customers during every phase of the site’s design.

Over 15 years of web design experience

Back in 1997, we designed our first site. This was before the “dot com” boom and bust, before Google, Inc. existed, and before Craigslist.org was conceived.

Back then, a 56k dialup modem was a speedy way to connect to the internet. We were known for creating sites that looked good yet loaded quickly on those dialup connections.

We’ve come a long way since then, but our core values remain the same: designing attractive web sites with powerful content at reasonable prices.

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