Foster Web Services

In uniform in cockpit of the EMB-145 regional jet
Capt. Steve Foster – Pilot / Instructor/ Web Designer

Affordable Web Sites

Hi! I’m Steve Foster. My wife and I own Foster Web Services, LLC. This photo was taken on my last trip as an airline pilot, before the airline went out of business in 2020. I’m still very active as an instructor for a different airline, as well as creating affordable websites for small businesses.

Back in 1997, I created my first website. Just about everything has changed in web design since that first site. (Anyone remember the Netscape browser?)

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to offering affordable websites.

We now use WordPress as the primary tool for creating websites. Leveraging the power of the multitudes of templates and plugins that are available for WordPress,we create very nice websites, optimized for Google and the other major search engines, while keeping costs low.

Do you have an outdated website or (gasp!) no website at all? Many businesses foolishly rely on Facebook for their online presence, which is not the most professional way to present their businesses to the public.

Please use the contact form to start a conversation about what you’d like to see on your website. I’d love to have the opportunity to assist you in meeting your online goals!