Affordable Web Hosting

Are You Overpaying for Web Hosting?

What is hosting?

Hosting means putting the pages that we create on a web server so that anyone in the world can see them (except people in tightly regulated places like North Korea and China).

Hosting your site

We offer affordable web hosting for our web design customers. Our normal hosting fees, which are far less than you might expect, include a free minor update to your site about once per month (if we created your site for you).

Hosting features

Your site will be hosted on a server located in a secure building in the central United States. We are confident that your site will be on line more than 99 percent of the time. You will be able to set up one or more e-mail accounts, all ending in @YourDomainName. You can also have your e-mails to those accounts forwarded automatically to your existing e-mail address if you wish.

Do we provide a domain name?

We prefer that you own and maintain control of your own domain name. This allows you to switch from our hosting service to any you choose without our consent. Beware of those who will try to manage your domain name for you – if they go out of business or become hostile, you may be out of luck!